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This project is to raise funds so we can send keepsake packages to children battling cancer. If you'd like to help with this project, please click on one of our accounts either PayPal or Venmo. Or shop our Amazon Link.

Zeke Easter Morning

This was taken Easter morning. This stuffed animal and blanket were in the package the nurse had dropped off for Zeke overnight. This stuffed animal and blanket would become one of the most important items Zeke he would bring to every one of his inpatient stays.


This project is to raise funds/items for Easter themed packages for children battling cancer. This will be our second year creating packages for Easter. We do Easter packages because the night before Easter we rushed Zeke to the ER, and we were told just after midnight Easter morning Zeke most likely had Leukemia. That night the night nurse placed an easter package in Zekes room, after such a traumatic night that Easter package meant so much to us and especially to Zeke. If you'd like to help this project, please donate to one of our accounts PayPal or Venmo just write in the notes that the donation is for the Easter Packages. If you'd like to shop our Amazon link.

This is an example of the main items we send in our keepsake packages.

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