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Toy Drive 2022

Forever In A Moment was created during our sons battle with a Rare Subtype of Leukemia called Philadelphia Chromosome Positive Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. This type of Leukemia occurs in only 3-5% of all Leukemia diagnoses. Zeke was 6 when he was diagnosed the day before Easter. I brought him in for a sick appointment after growing pains and his fever were worsening. Which lead to his diagnoses. After the test were done, we were told Zeke required an intense treatment plan in order to kill the cancer. This meant he would have a lot of inpatient chemo treatments. After the first 10 months of treatment Zeke had stayed at the hospital for 106 nights. While inpatient Zeke grew close to the staff and lead to our very first toy drive for Baystate Childrens Hospital.

Easter Packages 2023
Lemonade Stand Sept 2023

We were able to donate over 500 toys/items with a value of over $5,000 to the children's floor. After the toy drive Zeke and I were back at the hospital due to an illness. Zeke and I planned our next project which would be to raise money to send 25 children battling cancer all over the United States Easter Packages. With the help of our supporters, we were able to raise $625 and send all 25 packages out! Zeke enjoyed helping pack the packages and dropping them off at the post office. After coming back from Zeke's make a wish trip, we started planning the next project which was to have two lemonade stands and raise money for two amazing nonprofits with those lemonade stands we raised $5042! We sent each nonprofit a check for $2521!

During all of these projects, Zeke was still undergoing treatments which was hard on him. These projects gave us all something to look forward to. Cancer Treatment is hard on the whole family so us being able to give back and do some good throughout the treatment is an amazing thing for us. Our most recent project was our 2nd Annual toy drive for Baystate Childrens Hospital where we donated over 800 toys/items with a value of over $9000! Everything we've been able to do has only been possible with the help of people like you, we appreciate every one of our supporters so very much!

Toy Drive 2023

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