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On April 16th, 2022, our lives were changed Forever In A Moment when we rushed our 6-year-old son to the ER after receiving a call from his doctor. Only a few hours later my husband and I were pulled from our son's room. We were told our son most likely had Leukemia. Over the next couple of days this would be confirmed.  Everyone thinks this will never happen to them but it's not as rare as you think. Every 2 minutes worldwide a parent is being told their child has cancer, 47 children a day in the United States are diagnosed with Childhood cancer. 

Zeke in the hospital
Zeke before being diagnosed with cancer.

April 9th 2022

April 20th 2022

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Our mission is to help other families like ours going through the toughest battle of their lives. Spreading Childhood Cancer Awareness is one of our top priorities. These children deserve all the funding they desperately need. 2,500 children die each year, that's about 7 children a day just in the US, making childhood cancer one of the leading causes of death in children.

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The best way you can get involved is by sharing our organization on all social media platforms. We are always looking for corporate sponsors so if you have a business and are interested in helping, please reach out to our email. Of course, monetary donations are always a great way to support us. To learn more about getting involved or what projects we have going on check out all of our pages.

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Our nonprofit is 100% funded by donations. When you donate to us it helps to fund keepsake packages as well as themed packages for holidays (Easter etc.) to children fighting cancer. We also run Christmas Toy Drives for the hospital where our son Zeke receives his cancer treatments. We hope to add more fun events for children fighting cancer as well. If you'd like to help support our cause, donations can be made by clicking on PayPal or Venmo. Are you interested in becoming a monthly or yearly sponsor? Please visit our sponsor options page. If you would like to shop, please go to our Amazon links.

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